Shira Stone

A graduate of Princeton and Columbia Universities, Shira Stone has been working as a private tutor for over fifteen years. She works with students who are attending traditional schools as well as with children who are home schooled. She tutors Mathematics from 1st grade through 12th grade including algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, math regents prep and Precalculus as well as elementary and middle school math. In addition, Shira does comprehensive test prep for the ACT (math, science, reading and english), SAT (math, reading and english) and SHSAT (math and verbal). Shira also helps students and parents decide whether the ACT or SAT is the best test for that student.

Shira tailors her instruction to each student, adapting her teaching style to match how each student best learns. She has extensive experience working with students with learning disabilities. Shira believes that helping students develop self-confidence and self-efficacy is an important part of math tutoring.

Shira’s strength as a tutor is not just her ability to help your child learn the subject matter or improve their performance on a standardized test. Shira will develop and build a relationship with you the parent. Shira keeps in touch with parents on a regular basis, making sure they are part of the loop so that they know where their child is struggling and where they are succeeding. In this way, Shira is able to suggest changes in goals or strategies when needed.